Thursday, June 2, 2011

New HTML Schema Information for SEO

Google's Official Blog has just released an announcement about a new site,, for web developers to learn about HTML tags and attributes they can add to their HTML to identify content for Search Engines.

This isn't just Google's search engine, either. Bing and Yahoo were involved in the creation of and the new tags and attributes.

Getting Started has a page to help you get started. There is an example using the movie "Avatar" to show you how you can specify the data represents the movie and information about the movie.

There is also a full list of what you can specify.

Well, I think...

This looks great! If you are a site owner or developer, look into this now. It could open the floodgates for unique ways your site is displayed on search engines.

It can help your optimization in general as well. Imagine there were two people with the same name, an actor and a politician. You were writing an article about the politician. You can use the Person schema information to specify the organization they are involved with and their job title - valuable data that search engines can use to show your site to the correct search results!

It's like the Open Graph Protocol, but on steroids. The Open Graph Protocol helps you specify what the entire page is about. This goes many steps further - it helps you specify the content itself!


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